Note: This list is out of date as of 2014. Feel free to visit my Ravelry store for a full and up-to-date list of my free and purchasable patterns.

I have been adding patterns to my posts so people can enjoy them more. Here is a list of the patterns I have up on my site right now:

Free Patterns:



Purchasable Patterns:




Purchasable Patterns from Craftsy can be accessed here.

If you prefer to use Ravelry, you can visit my shop here.

If you prefer to use Etsy login, here is the link to my shop.  None of my free patterns are available on Etsy.

Links to Free Patterns I have used from Other Sites: (I have no affiliation with any of them)



  1. All your ‘nerdy’ posts made me so happy, but I was disappointed when they weren’t on the patterns page! I want to get into some form of art, and one of these seems like the perfect goal!

  2. I found your Portal double knit scarf and fell in love!!! Is there a chance that I could have the pattern to make an awesome Portal double knit scarf of my own? Thanks for showing it on the web for Portal fans like me to appreciate! Take care!

    • I will see what I can find. It was a while ago and I just used grids of the patterns to ‘plot’ it out.

    • I was unable to find the files, but I recreated them. The pattern can now be found on my patterns page and here: https://starbeamer.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/portal-double-knit-scarf-pattern/

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