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Gift: Silhouette Pictures

April 28, 2015

My grandmother keeps telling me not to get her anything for Christmas and her birthday because she has a small apartment and clutter is not helpful for that. Because of this, I try to give her only meaningful gifts. This year, I decided to give her something that represents our relationship that we have built over our time together. I used pictures of us in profile to create silhouettes. I then put them in a three panel photo frame and mailed it to her P.O. box. and waited. I waited and waited for a letter to tell me that she had received it.

I waited for over a month before I realized something might be wrong. I called her up and she said she was disappointed that I hasn’t given her anything as a gift. I went in to the store to ask where the package was and found that the post office in her city had been holding it, but they hadn’t told her that there was anything she needed to pick up. To my relief, they were still holding on to it and she was able to go down and pick it up. I was finally able to receive that letter and have piece of mind. The thought of having to redo the gift, find another perfect frame and go through the expense of shipping it once more was horrifying. I am so happy that she was able to receive it.

Grandma Silhouette My Silhouette



Easter in a Paper Basket

April 1, 2013

Easter isn’t something big in my family yet, especially since we don’t have kids, but I wanted to finally celebrate some holidays with my husband. I didn’t have the money (or the space in the house) to go out and buy Easter baskets to use every year. I turned to the ever-knowing internet again and found you can MAKE a basket really easily!

Grabbing my never used large square paper, I set to work gluing the baskets together and even shredding a few (I never have use for this paper) to make the ‘grass’.  My husband is also on a diet, so I tried to get smaller candies. He got some Sunkist fruit gems for me (oh, those are so good!) and I got some eggs and chocolate for him. Couponing made it easy to keep a budget on it, too.


That’s How I Roll (Dice Bag Embroidery)

January 10, 2013

I created the yellow dice bag and it has been working perfectly, but it was missing something… Something more nerdy than hand making the entire bag. Digging through my craft basket, I found my mother’s old cross stitching kit and the cross stitching fabric I had purchased to alter some clothing (never had gotten around to that). By putting that on top and using my smallest embroidery hoop, I was able to add a D20 and the words “That’s How I Roll!”  I love how it came out, but if I was paying more attention to my color wheel, I would have made the letters in dark purple instead of brown. Still, every time I pour my dice out, It makes me happy to see the lettering.



Warhammer: Grey Knights, Lord of the Rings and League of Legends Ceramic Coasters

December 19, 2012

As gifts, I needed something basic and easy to do, so I picked up some coasters from Lowes and sanded down the corners so they weren’t sharp. I then printed some pictures from the internet, choosing subject material I knew they all loved, and modge podged them onto the coasters. The last step was to glue felt on the back and spray the tops with sealant. I liked the results, but never stick the glue side to another glue side, even if they feel dry. I had to redo half of them because I did that. Also, give them a long time to cure. The spray said 20 min, but after a day, they still started to stick foam side to sealant side.

Here are the results. My favorites were the Sona, the Brolaf, the Grey Knight with the rose and Sauron.

  DSCN0065sm DSCN0094 crop sm DSCN0093 crop sm DSCN0092crop sm

DSCN0084 crop small

DSCN0090 crop small

The three sets of coasters are as follows:

League of Legends:  Sona, Olaf, Annie, Twisted Fate, Garen, Nunu, Nautilus, Malphite

Lord of the Rings: Sauron, Ring Wraith, Aragorn, Frodo, Gimley, Boromir, Faramir, and Gandolf

Warhammer: Various Grey Knights

Here is sites that I used for the tutorial: DIY Tutorial: Mod Podge Tile Coasters


Back to School Bag Donation

September 10, 2012

I can’t always do much for others because I don’t have the money to do so, but I do what I can.   Last year, my husband and I started a tradition of doing backpacks for children in need. We donate it to our local battered women’s shelter. Last year we did four backpacks and this year we did four as well. Buying the bags from Walmart at $5 a piece helped a lot. Backpacks can be very expensive or very ugly.

One of my favorite places to coupon/shop is actually Staples. I love getting nice little things to surprise my husband or nice things for our home gaming center/co-office. I ended up buying a back to school pass (15% off of school supplied) and getting a bunch of very cheap school supplies and even some free pens and pencils that with the discount card more than paid for itself.

It was hard to know what age group to get for, so we tried to get a bunch of elementary school age supplies this year. We got lined paper, paper folders, composition books, notebooks, markers, rulers, pens, pencils, stick glue, white school glue, erasers (with fun grips), pencil cases, pencil boxes, eraser caps, pencil sharpeners and crayons. We never get to meet the people who the backpacks go to, but I hope that by giving them this, that they can save the money for something else they need more.
Do any of you do donations through crafts or other such?


Crafty Souvenirs from Brazil

May 6, 2010

My husband and I went to pick up his younger brother in Brazil. We visited some of his old friends and brought trinkets to bring home for our family and friends, including coconut rings and wire/floss earrings. Everyone loved their gift.

Pink Floss and Wire Ear Rings

Pink Floss and Wire Ear Rings

Pink Coconut Ring

Pink Coconut Ring

Blue Coconut Ring

Blue Coconut Ring


And So It Begins…

September 8, 2009

A new marriage, a new shop, a new blog, a new school year, and a new leaf. All these things combined have pointed towards great change. I have decided to start this blog in order to keep track of the art projects that I work on.

I am a 21-year-old Californian graduating in April of 2010 in Information Systems. My goal is to be able to telecommute most days and raise a family. Recently, I have started an Etsy shop to put my hobbies and talents to use.

Over the years, I have discovered the joys of yarn. Not willing to trust the knitting or crocheting “purists,” I decided to try my hand at both. It was love at first stitch. My first love was knitting. Scarves were my chosen outlet because I don’t have patience for large projects. After the first zillion scarves, or so, I needed more. My crochet hook my grandmother gave me was gathering dust (my first project as a teenager looked like a foot instead of a circle). I bravely dusted it off to try again. The internet was a great source of inspiration.

I started by creating a lamb for my friend’s little girl’s first birthday. I also created a cat, Bomb Man (Mega Man 1) doll, and then a lookalike amigurumi doll for a friend. I found that I was able to recreate characters through my crochet hook. Discovering that both crocheting and knitting are wonderful has been a blessing.

A few projects and gifts later, I picked up some DPN’s (double pointed needles). I found that working in the round on DPN’s is not only fun, but addicting. My current obsession involves pumping out fingerless gloves of varying colors and styles. My collection is growing just in time for me to open my Etsy shop ( Nothing in the shop yet, but I am waiting until after I return from my honeymoon to stock my shop. Expect scarves and fingerless gloves when I return.