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Garden Goodness: Windowsill Cucumber

July 9, 2015

I was not able to have a garden this year so instead, I am growing a lemon cucumber in my windowsill next to a little vinca plant.  It has been growing well and I am using yarn to tie the cucumber to the trellis so it goes where I want it to rather than where it wants to. I am hoping that the self watering planter allows me to get sweet cucumbers this time as my previous attempts in an outdoor garden became bitter. It is doing really well so far. Here are pictures from July 1.

Isn't it pretty?


The Planter


Oh, Leek!

May 20, 2010

This year, I have decided to container garden due to the lack of gardening space in my yard. I saw some relatively cheap leeks in the store and I had to buy them! I chopped one up, leaving the bulb and then I planted it in a pot made from a trash can from a dollar store. About a week later this is how big it has gotten:

One week for the leek.

I can’t believe it! The leek grows back at an astounding rate. I am looking forward to repeating this cycle to have an indefinite amount of leeks. Because of this growth, I have planted two more and am waiting to see if they will grow as fast.